Automatic or electric gates have many benefits and offer many conveniences to both the homeowner and commercial property owner. Not only do they look great once they are fully installed, but they add a level of security and privacy to your residence or business building that simply can’t be achieved by other means. Automatic fences are great for storage centers, parking lots, and even residential homes that want to keep unwanted visitors out. The best way to keep your electronic gate working correctly and in great shape for years to come is to maintain it. Here are some tips on how to manage your automatic gate after installation.


Clean the Gate Regularly


Regardless of the size of your gate, it is essential to clean it on a regular basis. Don’t give dirt and debris the chance to build-up on the fence – it’s unsightly, and it can cause issues with the functionality of the gate. You can choose to clean the gate yourself or hire a company, like ours, to maintain the gate for you. In addition to regular gate cleaning, be sure to clean out the debris and dirt from the hinges and any mechanical parts of the gate to keep it running smoothly and without interruption.


Ensure the Gate is Properly Oiled


When automatic gates are not properly oiled, they can become jammed during use, and can even stop working. If the motor of the gate overheats because there is too much friction during operation, this can be a real problem. Adding some oil to the moving parts of the gate is easy to do and should be done on a regular basis to avoid problems with the movement and flow of the automatic gate. We are happy to oil your gate as part of our maintenance service to our customers.


Maintain Electrical Parts


For the most part, you should not have any issues with the electrical components of the gate, but from time to time you will need to clean them. This requires a delicate hand and attention to detail. It’s important not to use abrasive cleaners around the electronic components of the gate because they could wear down moving parts and electronic parts. It’s best to use dry, clean clothes to remove dirt and debris from the electronic components of your automatic gate.


Regular Maintenance is Key to Longevity


As with anything you buy for your home or office, the better quality a product is, the longer it is going to last. That doesn’t mean that it won’t require some maintenance from time to time – some maintenance is normal. However, if you find that you are spending more time trying to get your automatic gate to open than actually going through it, it might be time for an upgrade. Ensuring that the gate is kept clean, the moving parts well oiled, and the electronic components intact, you should be able to enjoy your electronic gate for years to come.


If you aren’t sure about how to care for your automatic gate, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your maintenance needs with you.


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