So, you are thinking about having a new fence installed, or you want to install a new gate on your property. That’s great! But before you make a decision, there are a few things you should consider asking your fencing contractor first. Why is this a necessary step? It’s essential to have all the information you need before committing to a contractor. Installing a fence is a great way to add privacy and value to your property, so let’s look at what you need to know.

How Long Has The Contractor Been in Business?

Researching the contractor you’d like to install your fence is a no-brainer. Before you do business with any company in any industry, the first question you should ask yourself is, how long have they been in business? That doesn’t mean you should discount the new guys on the block, but if you can, you do want to try to work with a company that has a good deal of experience. Many contractors will have examples of the kind of work they do, and if they don’t, be sure to ask why. It could be that they are a new company, but it could also be that they have yet to complete a stellar job and are still trying to build their portfolio with worthy examples of their work.

Does the Company Use Permits?

Depending on where you live, the fencing company might not be required to pull permits, but it’s an important question to ask. If you are halfway through your fence installation and find out that you need permits, your project could come to a halt.  This spells trouble for you and the contractor. Always ask if the project requires permits to add structures such as gates to your property. This goes for both residential and commercial properties.

What About Insurance?

Be sure to ask about insurance and liabilities when working with a fence contractor. Find out what happens if someone gets hurt on your property while installing a fence. Also, inquire about travel to and from the site. Be sure to clarify what is covered by the contractor’s insurance and what is your responsibility as the homeowner or commercial property owner.

Is there a Written Contract in Place?

When it comes to working with a fencing contractor, always get your agreement in writing. This is not only for your safety but protects your investment. If the contractor you have chosen to work with does not offer a written contract, insist on drawing one up or move on. This may sound harsh, primarily if the company offers a “deal,” but contracts protect everyone involved and outline the work that is expected to be completed and when.

Will They Clean Up the Worksite?

Some contractors won’t haul away the leftover materials and debris that is created as a result of installing a new fence or gate. Once you have a contract drawn up, be sure to include a cleanup agreement, or find out from the contractor how clean-up works. Some contractors may charge you to haul away excess materials, while others won’t take the materials at all. If you don’t want to get stuck with unnecessary materials after your fence has been installed, be sure to talk to your contractor about this.

If you’re looking to get started on a fencing project give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss the above and your specific situation.

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