Modular walls are walls made of panels and posts types that are designed and manufactured using a lightweight inner core and a fibre cement outer skin. The EPS inner core works to absorb sound vibrations thereby reducing noise pollution. It also offers the panel its form and functions to increase rigidity. On the other hand, the laminate fibre cement outer skin gives the panel the rigidity, sturdiness, and impact resistance needed in a property wall.

While the thickness of the wall may vary and other specialised inputs may be used to enhance specific characteristics, all modular walls are manufactured with the materials as mentioned earlier.

#1. Cheaper Than Traditional Building Materials

The number one reason property owners are increasingly opting for modular walls as opposed traditional walls are the lower price of the modular units. As leaders in this market, Skilled Fencing reckons that modular walls are about half the price of a brick wall. Furthermore, the maintenance costs are significantly lower. As such, over the lifetime of the wall, you can expect to spend less on the wall than you would have if were you to opt for the traditional brick wall.

#2. Offers Excellent Noise Reduction Capabilities

While noise pollution is dependent on various factors such as terrain, noise type, and height, modular walls have been proven to perform better than traditional walls with regards to lowering noise pollution. In some cases, these walls have been shown to reduce the noise by as much as four times.

#3. Modular Wall Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

The walls are engineered to be environmentally friendly in all fronts. For instance, the walls do not waste resources during their manufacture as their manufacturing process is precise. Additionally, the manufacturing process of modular walls is a bit more friendly to the environment.

#4. They Are Sturdy And Durable

As mentioned above, modular walls are designed with a fibre cement outer layer and an EPS inner core. The combination of these two materials yields a sturdy, impact resistant, and durable panel that can last for years and years. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your modular walls for a long time, if ever. e

#5. They Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Brick and stone walls have long been favoured by homeowners in Australia for their beauty, classic looks, and endearing beauty. However, modular walls offer the same aesthetic appearance and much more. Homeowners can choose from a wide array of wall designs and styles that complements or matches the design and style of their properties. Often time folks think that using modular walls means giving up beautiful wall styling, but with today’s modern wall units, this is no longer the case.

#6. Exceptional Versatility

Modular walls can be used in a wide range of environments; in residential properties (for pool area fencing, retaining walls, boundary walls, front walls, corner blocks, acoustic fencing, courtyards, and much more) and even commercial properties (for retaining walls, acoustic fencing, and boundary wall).

With these benefits in mind, many homeowners are unarmoured with the wall’s return on investment. The wall will last for years to come, serving you well throughout its usable life, and costing you a fraction of the traditional wall. Modular walls offer superior performance for far less. Contact us today to discuss the best modular wall solution for you!

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