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Gate Supply and Installation for Perth WA

A gate is many different things; a layer of protection and an access way to your house. However, it’s also the first thing your guests will see as they enter your property—and the first impression they get of your home.

Skilled Fencing provides beautiful gates in every style to compliment your home. More than this, we aim to go beyond basic form and functionality. We provide you with a quality gate that will stand proud at the entrance of your property for years to come.

Quality Gate Installation Services From Skilled Technicians

At Skilled Fencing WA, we help homeowners put the finishing touches on their dream property with a beautiful, secure gate. Your privacy, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities as a company. This is why we guarantee that we only use the best materials and technicians for your gate installation.


Our Services And Products

Skilled Fencing supplies both functional and aesthetically pleasing gates for your property. We provide you with custom solutions prepared for you by our team of experienced and highly skilled welders. Skilled Fencing offers a wide range of gate styles to suit your needs. Some of our most popular products include:

Skilled Fencing provides some of the best colorbond gates in Perth. Made out of extremely strong steel, they make a statement with their seamless finish and crisp, modern lines. They are also quite durable and built to withstand Australian weather as well as most kinds of impact. Available in dozens of different damage-resistant colours and custom sizes.

An increasingly popular choice, aluminium gates are loved for their lightweight, low-maintenance material. Not only are they long-lasting, but they’re also resistant to rusting, chipping, and corrosion. Available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes, aluminium gates are a great option for the prudent home-owner.

A great combination of secure and convenient, a sliding gate will make it easier for you to get in while keeping unwanted visitors out. We have both manual and electric sliding gates available for installation.

A driveway get keeps the people in your home safe and adds great curb appeal. Because of this, driveway gates are a highly-prized feature in homes, adding incredible value and security to your property.

Skilled Fencing installs quality electric gates in Perth homes, industrial complexes, and residential spaces. We use state-of-the-art locking technology and integrated safety features so that you can breathe easy.

Bring your home into the 21st century with an automatic gate from Skilled Fencing. As one of the top suppliers of automatic gates in Perth, we give you convenience, protection, and aesthetic appeal all in one.

Why Choose Skilled Fencing Gates For Your Home

Skilled Fencing WA proudly stands as one of the best in the business. We’ve been installing quality residential, commercial, and industrial fencing all across Perth for the better part of a decade.

Skilled Fencing WA is committed to providing you with the best gates at very affordable prices. Our highly skilled workers ensure customer satisfaction as you’re treated to the best selection of gates anywhere in Perth.



Safety always comes first. Our high-quality gates with top-of-the-line security mechanisms help you rest better at night.


We all enjoy a little privacy. Our gates act as the boundary between the hustle of the outside world with the peace and quiet of your home.



All of Skilled Fencing’s materials go through rigorous quality-testing procedures to ensure that you’re getting only the best. We also employ some of the top technicians and welders in the state to give you top-notch workmanship every time.



Planning to sell your property? Our gates are made with the strongest and most durable materials. Our gates will help you get that financial edge when it comes to setting an asking price for your property.



Our team of highly skilled professionals can provide expert design advice to help you find the right fit for your home.



We pride ourselves on being able to complete projects quickly and efficiently, exceeding customer expectations. We take all deadlines seriously and we refuse to compromise on quality. We don’t rush quality work.


Apart from gate installation, Skilled Fencing also provides other services such as fence removal, asbestos removal, Super Six, Fibro/HardiFence, and metal fences. Get all your fencing and gate installation needs done with the same expert company.


See The Skilled Fencing Difference

Choose from an enormous selection of products and over 27 different colours—we don’t skimp on the options. Our gates won’t crack, peel, chip, or wrap, so there’s very little need for maintenance. The entire Skilled Fencing gate product lineup can withstand the harsh sun and seasonal rain that comes with the Perth summer. Plus, you get a free 10-year warranty with all of our gate installation services.

Our team of skilled professionals are highly experienced workers provide flawless customer service. We make sure to guide you through every step of the process.

Skilled Fencing Is The Only Gate Supply And Installation Company You Need

The gates on your property are more than just objects—it a part of your home. At Skilled Fencing we understand just how important a strong, beautiful gate can be to the overall look of your house and the quality of your life.

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