Fencing in Every Season


“Good fences make for good neighbours,” is the old saying. Besides good neighbours, good fencing is great for creating a sense of privacy, security, and design. Fencing is the first opportunity to establish a sense of style to visitors. Good fencing should also add to the curb appeal in a way the whole neighbourhood will appreciate. It doesn’t matter if the fence is acting as a simple property line or if it is designed for safety, finding quality materials and coming up with the right design is integral to a successful project.



Summer is everyone’s favourite time for installation and big maintenance projects. If you are wanting to complete a big fencing project this summer start planning sooner rather than later. Make sure you have the supplies, and you need already in order, then the warm weather and long days ensure the project is completed on schedule. The drier weather is ideal for anchoring posts and painting large sections of rails and panels. The summertime is also the ideal time for your fence to look its greatest.

photo of fence along road


The wear and tear of the summer sun and heat have probably created some weak spots in your fence. Fall is a great checkpoint in the year to go over everything and look for problem areas. Problems left to themselves over the winter will certainly be harder to deal with in the spring. Take the opportunity to add any security or safety features that make you feel more confident and secure going into colder months.



Hopefully, all of your maintenance is done. The cold, wet months can be hard on your fencing. Most people put up their fences in the summer but the fences that last are put up by people who have considered all of the seasonal challenges prone to the area. Consider how wind speeds may pick up in the winter months and other safety concerns so your family and neighbours will be safe around your property.



It is important to inspect your fencing as the winter thaws. Finding areas where the paint has failed is important. Spots of rust or rot could have developed over the winter. Taking the time to access your property should already be a part of your spring cleaning routine. Make sure the fence is part of your plan. If you take care of the minor issues quickly, you will spend your hot summer days in the shade or the pool, and not replacing large portions of your fence due to neglect.


Fencing makes a statement. Ensure your fence says the same thing about you year-round, by picking quality materials and pragmatic design for your area and landscape. Your fence is there day after day night after night. It adds value and security to your life. It can keep your family away from dangerous areas or dangerous people away from your property and family. Your fence says a lot about who you are what you value. A well-maintained fence sends the message that you take your responsibilities and your security very seriously. Take good care of your fence and your neighbours and family will reap the benefits. Interested in exploring your fencing options? Call Skilled Fencing today!


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