If you’re wanting to add to replace fencing around your home, you will first be presented with a wide range of options including what materials to use and colour. Because fencing is typically the first thing people see, you want to make sure it is something that complements the home and gives a great first impression. Our guide will help you determine the best materials and colour to choose for your new fencing.

Which fencing material works best for you?

Many homeowners are lost when it comes to picking out the material to have their fencing. The choices can be narrowed when you take certain aspects into consideration.

What is the purpose of your fence? Do you want something to keep dogs (and possibly kids) in the yard? Do you need something around a pool area? Do you want privacy along the front or something just decorative? The purpose of your fence will have a huge impact on the material you use.

How much time do you have for maintenance? You will need to make sure you have time for the upkeep of your fence to keep it in great condition, but how often you need to do this depends on the material. Materials like vinyl and aluminium will require very little to no maintenance. Colorbond Steel is another option that doesn’t need any maintenance and will not chip, fade, peel or warp in the Perth climate. You won’t need to seal or stain Colorbond Steel to keep the material and colour looking great, whereas a material like wood would require this. Wood may look great, but the work involved may put people off.

Which colour should you go for?

The colour of your new fence will have a massive impact on the look and feel of your home from the outside. Consider the style you want to emulate. If your home has a country style to it, then lighter, natural colours can give that feeling. Darker colours can also look great if you want the fence to blend in with the environment. This is perfect for fences around an abundance of greenery and foliage. Bright colours still work great if you have a vivacious garden with lots of flowers to complement the colours.

Choose Colorbond Steel for a great all-around fencing option

Colorbond Steel is an excellent choice for most homes due to its durability and easy maintenance. Colorbond Steel fencing is a cost-effective option that gives you the privacy you need while looking great. There is a huge range of colours to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits your home and the surroundings, and these colours won’t fade or chip over time. You’re left with a strong modern fencing option that looks great on most homes in Perth. Skilled Fencing can also provide a matching gate to finish off the look.

Still have questions as to what will work best for your property? Give the experts at Skilled Fencing a call. We’re the go-to company for fencing in Perth thanks to our high-quality products and services and superior customer service. Contact us to discuss your fencing needs, and we’ll get started designing the best solution for your property.


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