704, 2019

Choosing a Colorbond Fence Colour

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You may not give a lot of thought to your property fence, but it’s essential when it comes to the security of your home. Even if you live in a crime-free area, a good fence can help with privacy and keeping your pets and kiddies in the yard. But let’s be honest here, you [...]

2502, 2019

Fencing For Every Season

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Fencing in Every Season   “Good fences make for good neighbours,” is the old saying. Besides good neighbours, good fencing is great for creating a sense of privacy, security, and design. Fencing is the first opportunity to establish a sense of style to visitors. Good fencing should also add to the curb appeal in a [...]

1401, 2019

6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Fence

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Home upkeep is a constant project. You may have found ways to maintain your fence, yard, and house to keep everything looking clean and proper. You may be the king or queen of repainting, fixing, and all things DIY. But there comes a time in every fence’s life when it’s time to stop upkeeping [...]