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Choosing a Colorbond Fence Colour

You may not give a lot of thought to your property fence, but it’s essential when it comes to the security of your home. Even if you live in a crime-free area, a good fence can help with privacy and keeping your pets and kiddies in the yard.

But let’s be honest here, you need to choose the right kind of fencing if you don’t want to leave yourself with a ton of maintenance. A wooden fence looks fantastic, but it’s also a pain to have to reseal it every two or three years. Also, wood will eventually rot.

Colorbond fencing in Perth is an excellent alternative because it is a high-quality steel fence, that is powder-coated. The colour is bonded to the steel, so it won’t flake off or peel. The only maintenance that you’ll need to perform is hosing it off every now and again.

The only problem that you may have is choosing which of the 14 available colours you’d like. In this post, we’ll help you to narrow it down.


Is Your Fence a Feature or Not?

Do you want your fence to act as a backdrop, as a feature, or as something that will fade into the background? A bold red is not going to fade into the background, but it can provide a pop of colour that can be very attractive. A more neutral tone is better when you want things to fade away from sight.


Your Home’s Colour and Style

If you have a more traditional home, you’ll want a colour that is softer and lighter. A modern home, on the other hand, can look striking with a darker shade. If your home is more rustic, a beautiful green fence might be just the ticket.

You could opt to choose a colour that is close to that of your home’s exterior to provide greater continuity. Or, you could opt for a contrasting colour if you want to create a greater sense of drama.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider the overall look that you want to create. Do you want to create a cool, calm look, or a warmer look?


Think About the Other Accessories

In this case, we’re talking about the guttering, the roof, and the trimmings on the outside of your home. Matching the colour of your accessories to the colours of the house itself can help make the home look more finished overall.

An alternative is to consider the colours used on the driveway or your entertainment area.

For any help with brick laying see our friends at Brickit.


Mix it Up a Bit

If you’re still battling to make a choice, you could always consider changing up the different elements of the fence. You could choose contrasting colours for the post heads, posts, lattices, and so on, which can add extra interest and create more of a feature.

Final Notes

Choosing the right colour here is crucial because it is one that you’re going to have to live with for a long time. If you’re not sure about which colour will work best, why not give us a call? We can assist you in finding the right look for your home.

Fencing For Every Season

Fencing in Every Season


“Good fences make for good neighbours,” is the old saying. Besides good neighbours, good fencing is great for creating a sense of privacy, security, and design. Fencing is the first opportunity to establish a sense of style to visitors. Good fencing should also add to the curb appeal in a way the whole neighbourhood will appreciate. It doesn’t matter if the fence is acting as a simple property line or if it is designed for safety, finding quality materials and coming up with the right design is integral to a successful project.



Summer is everyone’s favourite time for installation and big maintenance projects. If you are wanting to complete a big fencing project this summer start planning sooner rather than later. Make sure you have the supplies, and you need already in order, then the warm weather and long days ensure the project is completed on schedule. The drier weather is ideal for anchoring posts and painting large sections of rails and panels. The summertime is also the ideal time for your fence to look its greatest.

photo of fence along road


The wear and tear of the summer sun and heat have probably created some weak spots in your fence. Fall is a great checkpoint in the year to go over everything and look for problem areas. Problems left to themselves over the winter will certainly be harder to deal with in the spring. Take the opportunity to add any security or safety features that make you feel more confident and secure going into colder months.



Hopefully, all of your maintenance is done. The cold, wet months can be hard on your fencing. Most people put up their fences in the summer but the fences that last are put up by people who have considered all of the seasonal challenges prone to the area. Consider how wind speeds may pick up in the winter months and other safety concerns so your family and neighbours will be safe around your property.



It is important to inspect your fencing as the winter thaws. Finding areas where the paint has failed is important. Spots of rust or rot could have developed over the winter. Taking the time to access your property should already be a part of your spring cleaning routine. Make sure the fence is part of your plan. If you take care of the minor issues quickly, you will spend your hot summer days in the shade or the pool, and not replacing large portions of your fence due to neglect.


Fencing makes a statement. Ensure your fence says the same thing about you year-round, by picking quality materials and pragmatic design for your area and landscape. Your fence is there day after day night after night. It adds value and security to your life. It can keep your family away from dangerous areas or dangerous people away from your property and family. Your fence says a lot about who you are what you value. A well-maintained fence sends the message that you take your responsibilities and your security very seriously. Take good care of your fence and your neighbours and family will reap the benefits. Interested in exploring your fencing options? Call Skilled Fencing today!

Turning Your Colorbond Fence into A Vertical Garden

A fence is a great feature to have in your yard. It offers shade and privacy, but did you know that your fence can be used to hold a vertical garden as well? You can grow up and around the fence, giving you a lot of usable space for your garden To give you some inspiration, we’ve dug up some stunningly simple vertical garden ideas to turn your fence into a vibrant garden.

Veggies get Vertical

With rising housing costs, many people are opting to live in an apartment or a townhouse. Vertical gardens are great for small spaces like these, as they don’t need a lot of extra room. Up to 52 percent of Australians have grown at least part of their food in a vertical garden. This is an ideal way to make the most of your space and be able to provide your family with fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Vertical gardening can also take advantage of recyclables such as plastic containers made from plastic bottles. These containers can be great for growing a variety of leafy greens and herbs. These can be suspended above each other using strong twin to really help maximise space. Gardens can also be very easy to maintain if they are set up properly. You can water the containers via drains through the containers above them and just water the top row and allow them to drain down to the next level. This saves not only water but also a lot of time.

Succulent Pallets

Another easy vertical gardening idea is to use up-cycled pallets. You can save a lot of money by repurposing these pallets in your garden. Easy to find and typically free, you can look behind supermarkets and other businesses and ask if you can take them off their hands, and most will gladly let you do so. There are all sorts of ways to convert pallets to vertical gardens and there is no shortage of inspirational ideas to be found online. You can mix colours, and plant types or even change the heights and textures of the pallets to suit your goals.

Vertical Works of Art

The best thing about vertical gardening is that you can combine function and form. It’s like putting paintings on your walls and watching them change and grow. Vertical gardening is a living work of art on your fence.

Planning Vertical Gardens

As vertical gardens continue to grow in popularity, there become more and more vertical gardening tool and accessories available.. These include decorative frames made of wood or metal, planters, other containers including some that have built-in hooks or loops for hooks. There are also clever watering systems to add in that will make maintaining your garden a real breeze.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. You may be able to simply utilise what you already have on hand and use recycled materials from in and around your home.

No matter what materials you use, one of the most important things to consider where the water that is draining is going. If you’re on the top story of an apartment you don’t want to flood your downstairs neighbours when your plants drain.

Many nurseries carry a variety of items for vertical gardening. You’ll find that you can often repurpose old fencing materials to suit your vertical gardens with minimal effort. If you’re stuck for ideas, the search engines are your best friend!

Get The Right Fence For Your Vertical Garden

If you’re serious about vertical gardening, you’ll need a great fence as a foundation. Call our experts at Skilled Fencing today, and we can set you up with the perfect Colorbond fence to build your vertical garden on!

6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Fence

Home upkeep is a constant project. You may have found ways to maintain your fence, yard, and house to keep everything looking clean and proper. You may be the king or queen of repainting, fixing, and all things DIY. But there comes a time in every fence’s life when it’s time to stop upkeeping and time to replace. See below for the biggest indicators that the time has come to invest in a new fence.

Safety Concerns

Predominantly a fence is there to protect the things that matter to you. Your kids, your pets, or maybe even your plants. If weather and time have created small openings in your fence large enough for one of those things to squeeze through, or something else to squeeze in, it is well worth the investment to upgrade your fence if only for the peace of mind it will give you.

More Privacy

Have nosey neighbours or live in a high-traffic area? Or perhaps you would just rather spend time outside without idle chit-chat. A fence is a perfect way to turn your home into a perfect oasis. Natural wear-and-tear can create opportunities for someone in the next yard over to finally see what you’re up to.

Extra Protection

A visible window leaves a window of opportunity for burglars to have a peek at what you might have to offer. Fences let criminals know you take your protection seriously and encourages them to keep moving.

Increase Property Value

Owning a house is all about the investment. A sagging, drooping fence with missing pegs or uneven planks will drive even the most well-kept house value down. A well-managed fence gives any property a clean appearance from the start.

Increase Curb Appeal

Looking to sell your home? Or maybe help that one neighbour sell theirs? A new, clean-looking fence will instantly increase curb appeal and brighten the whole street. Once you replace your fence, the rest of the neighbourhood might catch on. A clean looking yard is contagious.

It’s Weathered

Live in an area with a lot of storms? If your contracting didn’t go deep enough during installation, your posts may be starting to sag from the excess moisture. Or maybe a strong windstorm did some damage to a few corners. Or perhaps the sun has worn away the colour of your once lustrous posts? A fence is made to withstand a lot, but letting a fence remain in weathered conditions run the risk of mold and algae growth, termites, or even a full collapse. This is especially important to note with wooden fences.

Why Updating Your Fence is Important

There are many practical reasons to replace a fence and many straightforward ways to do it. You know when you are looking at a fence that is a safety hazard, an eyesore, or just isn’t functional as a fence anymore. A new, upgraded fence is going to benefit you, your family, and the entire neighbourhood.

As our name suggests all of the staff at Skilled Fencing, are experienced craftsmen and women, who are not only experts in their trade but just as importantly understand the local area, weather conditions and challenges that fences have to face. We can advise you on the best type of fence for your needs, and install it professionally, so that it looks fantastic, and lasts for many years to come. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation quotation, we know you will be delighted with your new fence from Skilled Fencing in Perth.