Home upkeep is a constant project. You may have found ways to maintain your fence, yard, and house to keep everything looking clean and proper. You may be the king or queen of repainting, fixing, and all things DIY. But there comes a time in every fence’s life when it’s time to stop upkeeping and time to replace. See below for the biggest indicators that the time has come to invest in a new fence.

Safety Concerns

Predominantly a fence is there to protect the things that matter to you. Your kids, your pets, or maybe even your plants. If weather and time have created small openings in your fence large enough for one of those things to squeeze through, or something else to squeeze in, it is well worth the investment to upgrade your fence if only for the peace of mind it will give you.

More Privacy

Have nosy neighbours or live in a high-traffic area? Or perhaps you would just rather spend time outside without idle chit-chat. A fence is a perfect way to turn your home into a perfect oasis. Natural wear-and-tear can create opportunities for someone in the next yard over to finally see what you’re up to.

Extra Protection

A visible window leaves a window of opportunity for burglars to have a peek at what you might have to offer. Fences let criminals know you take your protection seriously and encourages them to keep moving.

Increase Property Value

Owning a house is all about the investment. A sagging, drooping fence with missing pegs or uneven planks will drive even the most well-kept house value down. A well-managed fence gives any property a clean appearance from the start.

Increase Curb Appeal

Looking to sell your home? Or maybe help that one neighbour sell theirs? A new, clean-looking fence will instantly increase curb appeal and brighten the whole street. Once you replace your fence, the rest of the neighbourhood might catch on. A clean looking yard is contagious.

It’s Weathered

Live in an area with a lot of storms? If your contracting didn’t go deep enough during installation, your posts may be starting to sag from the excess moisture. Or maybe a strong windstorm did some damage to a few corners. Or perhaps the sun has worn away the colour of your once lustrous posts? A fence is made to withstand a lot, but letting a fence remain in weathered conditions run the risk of mold and algae growth, termites, or even a full collapse. This is especially important to note with wooden fences.

Why Updating Your Fence is Important

There are many practical reasons to replace a fence and many straightforward ways to do it. You know when you are looking at a fence that is a safety hazard, an eyesore, or just isn’t functional as a fence anymore. A new, upgraded fence is going to benefit you, your family, and the entire neighbourhood.

As our name suggests all of the staff at Skilled Fencing, are experienced craftsmen and women, who are not only experts in their trade but just as importantly understand the local area, weather conditions and challenges that fences have to face. We can advise you on the best type of fence for your needs, and install it professionally, so that it looks fantastic, and lasts for many years to come. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation quotation, we know you will be delighted with your new fence from Skilled Fencing in Perth.

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