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    About Skilled Fencing

    Your first choice for fences in Perth!

    Skilled Fencing Contractors are one of the finest and cheapest installers of high-quality residential, commercial and industrial fencing in Perth, Western Australia. We offer a diverse selection of fences and gates, in both modern and traditional styles, which can be customised for your home or business.

    From colorbond fences to custom gates to aluminium slats and pool fencing, Skilled Fencing are always on-hand to install the perfect fence or gate for your needs. Since we were first established in 2012, we have proudly installed fencing and gates for Perth and its’ surrounding areas. As a fencing company, we have developed a reputation in the local community as one of Perth’s most trusted builders of fencing and gates. At Skilled Fencing Perth we use locally-sourced materials of the highest quality to create products for homes and businesses which are built to last.We are strongly committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied with Perth fencing and gates of the utmost quality. That is why at Skilled Fencing WA, we offer an extensive workmanship warranty on our entire range of products!

    Our Services

    Skilled Fencing WA have been proudly installing quality residential, commercial and industrial fencing and gates across Perth since 2012. Based in Bayswater, Skilled Fencing WA proudly services Perth and its surrounding suburbs from Yanchep to Mandurah. We are locally owned and operated fencing contractors and offer the highest quality workmanship. Our Perth fencing and gate products are available now at competitive prices.

    Colorbond Fencing

    COLORBOND fencing is the most popular and most recommended product in the fencing industry ...Read More 

    Custom Gate Installation

    A gate is many different things; a layer of protection and an access way to your house. However...Read More 


    Why not take advantage of Buy Now Pay Later Interest Free* Finance with Skilled Services PTY LTD ...Read More
    Insurance work

    We understand that when your existing fencing has been damaged either by storm or vandalism that you ...Read More 

    Asbestos Fence Removal

    Incorrect handling of Asbestos releases dangerous particles into the air, which when breathed can cause serious ...Read More 

    Aluminium Slat Infills

    Aluminium slat fencing is perfect if you are looking for a stylish, modern fence that also offers privacy....Read More 

    Industrial Commercial Fencing

    When you need added security, industrial fencing can give you just what you need. ...Read More 

    Dedicated to Superior Fencing Solutions

    In addition to our comprehensive fencing installation services in Perth, we also offer additional services to your home or business, such as asbestos removal, limestone block installation, core drilling, temporary fencing and insurance fencing.

    At Skilled Fencing Perth, we are your first choice for first-rate fence installation. Whether you are in need of a new fence for your property, gates for security purposes, or fencing services for the surrounds of your pool, Skilled Fencing Perth’s team of experts will deliver a quality fencing solution to you in a timely manner. So if you’re a home or business owner looking for a local fencing contractor who can offer exceptional customer service, contact us for a free quote today! No job is too big or too small!

    Skilled Services are Quality

    Skilled Fencing Perth is an Australian owned, Perth based business who are experts in the trade of quality gate and fence installation across Western Australia and it’s surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on a premium service and quality materials.


    Dedicated to Superior Fencing Solutions

    Our large range of Perth fencing and gate services include Colorbond fencing, Aluminium Slats & Infills, Modular Wall Systems, Glass and Aluminium Pool Fencing plus custom built Colorbond and Aluminium gates to suit your requirements. We also offer Core Drilling, Limestone Block installation, Asbestos Removal, Temporary Fencing and Insurance Work. Whether you need a new fence for your property, gates for security, pool fencing, or a retaining wall, you can be assured the team at Skilled Fencing Perth will deliver a quality solution in a timely manner. No job is too big or too small.

    Skilled Fencing WA is strongly committed to providing high-quality fencing services, materials and workmanship that ensures customer satisfaction every time. We aim to provide a satisfying experience from the first point of contact and offer a guarantee on our workmanship, ensuring that each and every one of our customers feels valued along the way. Why not let Matt and his team of skilled and professional fencing contractors show you why our customers have chosen Skilled Fencing Perth for their fence installation needs.

    Let’s Talk

    Our office is conveniently located in the inner city suburb of Bayswater, located just 6 kilometres north-east of Perth’s central business district. We service homes and businesses based in Perth and its’ surrounding areas from Mandurah to Yanchep.

    Skilled Fencing Perth are committed to exceeding our clients’ highest expectations, so if you are a looking for the best gates and fencing provider in Perth, contact Skilled Fencing Perth today and receive a free, no-obligation quote and free measurement.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Skilled Fencing provides residential, commercial, and industrial fencing services, including timber, Colorbond, pool, and security fencing.

    Choose Skilled Fencing by considering their experience, reputation, service range, and customer reviews for top fencing solutions in Perth.

    Expect Skilled Fencing to offer comprehensive services from consultation to installation, using high-quality materials and adhering to local regulations.

    Costs vary based on fence type, materials, and project size. Get quotes from Skilled Fencing to compare prices and find the best deal.

    Yes, Skilled Fencing specializes in custom designs to meet specific requirements and aesthetic preferences in Perth.

    Skilled Fencing offers expert advice, quality materials, skilled installation, and adherence to local regulations, ensuring top-notch fencing solutions.